"InSetKom" projects and construction of engineering systems at the nuclear industry companies in Russia and abroad. Business areas: mounting of ventilating and air-conditioning systems, heating, firefighting, water supplies, sewerage, process pipelines.


Till 2013 the Company was a member of Vysotka Group of Companies and was involved in civil construction projects. The work territory included Sverdlovsk region and Perm region, among the completed projects - network installation in Kalinovsky Residential Complex, ZelenyMys Residential Complex (Yekaterinburg), Rifey Residential Complex (VerkhnyayaPyshma), apartment buildings of Berezniki city.

In 2013 InSetKomLLC was incorporated, the new company began construction and assembly works in nuclear industry. During the years of work, the construction territory has been expanded both on the Russian and foreign level - InSetKom has carried out the assembly of networks at the five nuclear power sites for the Engineering Division of Rosatom State Corporation. The completed projects have included Beloyarsk NPP, Novovoronezh NPP-2, FGUP PO Mayak, Rostov NPP.

At present the workers of the company are performing assembling of ventilation and conditioning systems, heating and process pipelines at power unit 2 of Belorussian NPP.

Construction and assembly workat other Russian and international plants are scheduled for the nearest future.

Special features

«InSetKom» produces a complete range of works from manufacturing of equipment, designing to installation.

Our company has its production capacities: in 2017 we commissioned a workshop for production of air pipes for NPPs. InSetKom's manufacturing shop produces air ducts for NPPs made of zinc-coated steel of Safety Class 3 and 4 according to NP-001-15: rectangular, circular, and straight seam ducts.

The enterprise does not rely on suppliers and offers its customers a highly flexible approach to matching deadlines, price quotations and quality standards.

Our Licenses

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Testimonials and awards

The report on carrying out of a special evaluation of working conditions