Assembling heating systems for industrial enterprises

Installation of heating in the buildings of industrial use are necessary to maintain the comfortable working environment, to protect the equipment from the temperature fluctuations in ordered to prevent their overcooling and subsequent breakdown, as also to create a suitable microclimate in the storage areas, so that the produced products do not lose their features due to improper storage conditions.

Heating systems assembly is a difficult and important civil engineering task, whose solving can be trusted only to companies whose knowledge and skills have been successfully proved by a number of projects.

InSetKom employees carried out the installation of heating system at the following sites of nuclear power:

  • Beloyarsk NPP Power Unit No.4
  • Power Unit 4 at Rostov NPP
  • Power unit No.1 of Beloyarsk NPP

For our participation in Beloyarsk NPP construction V. Surudoy, General Director of UK Uralenergostroy, gave us a medal. During the construction of the Beloyarsk NPP, InSetKom was rewarded with two letters of appreciation from ASE IC JSC in 2018 and 2019.

"InSetKom" has the required licenses and certificates to carry out works on the assembly of heating systems.

Company engineers and technical staff regularly receive refresher courses. Employees who perform welding work are qualified by the National Welding Inspection Agency (NWIA).

The experts of the company "InSetKom" will help to calculate the best variant of heating installation and will do the high level of heating installation on the object.

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