Installation of process pipelines of industrial enterprises

Manufacturing pipelines - one a major component of the various equipment engineering structures. Such pipelines have very strict requirements to their construction and assembling since explosive, poisonous and flammable fluids dangerous for the health and life of the staff can be carried along them.

InSetKom company is specialized in installation of technological pipelines.

During work we have performed erection of process piping at the nuclear power facilities as follows:

  • Plant 235 of radiochemical production FSUE PO Mayak
  • Power unit No.4 of Rostov NPP
  • Unit 1, Belorussian NPP

InSetKom was awarded two letters of thanks from ASE IC JSC in 2018 and 2019 for its contributions to the Belarusian NPP construction.

"InSetKom" has the required licenses and certifications to carry out installation of process piping.

The company's technical engineers undergo regular advanced training classes. The employees who perform welding work are certified by the National Welding Inspection Agency (NWIA). Installer shave certificate sofinstallation technologist of technological pipelines.

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