Atomstroyexport JSC


Ostrovets, Grodno region, Republic of Belarus

Due date:



Atomstroyexport JSC

Energy unit where the work was carried out:

Power units No. 1, No. 2

Type of reactor of the power unit:


Completed works:

Mounting of heating, ventilating and air conditioning systems, firefighting and process piping


Belarusian NPP is a nuclear power plant of NPP-2006 type under under construction.

Currently the assembly of process equipment of Unit 1 is basically finished, and start-up operations are being carried out. The reactor building and the reactor plant equipment are installed at the second unit and the installation of the main technical equipment is started, where the workers of InSetKom perform installation of ventilation, air conditioning, conditioning, heating and process pipelines.

The Company is working on 24 buildings of BelNPP Units 1 and 2:

  1. Reactor building (10UJA, 20UJA)
  2. Heat chamber (10UJE, 20UJE)
  3. Nuclear service building (10UKC, 20UKC)
  4. Safety Building (10UKD, 20UKD)
  5. Power Plant Turbine Building (10UMA, 20UMA)
  6. Power Supply Building (10UBA, 20UBA)
  7. Control Building (10UCB, 20UCB)
  8. Building of standby diesel power station (10UBS, 20UBS)
  9. Building of modular diesel power station (10UBN, 20UBN)
  10. Transformers and RUSN 0,4 kV building (00UBG)
  11. Building of RUSN-10 kV backup and public utility power supply system (00UBV)
  12. 330 kV Relay Panel Building (00UAC)
  13. 330 kV switchgear building (00UAB)
  14. Water treatment building (10UGB, 20UGB)
  15. Changeover chambers (11URS, 12URS, 21URS, 22URS)
  16. Preflush water treatment plant building (00ULD)
  17. Fresh nuclear fuel storage facility and solid radioactive waste storage facility (10UKT)
  18. Warehouse for transport technological equipment and solid nuclear waste (20UKT)
  19. Heat Supply Building (10UNC)
  20. Administrative-Laboratory-Domestic Building (00UYA)
  21. Civil defense buildings and structures as a part of: HPUPD AS (01UYX)
  22. Physical protection center building (00UXR)
  23. Building of the diesel generator set (00UXS)
  24. Service dog building (00UXU)

Performed works

Heating, Ventilation, Air conditioning, Fire Extinguishing and Technological piping installations