Brief info:


Yekaterinburg, Sverdlovsk region



Completed works:

Mounting of heating, ventilation (including fire protection), plumbing and sewerage systems; pump station of domestic plumbing and pump station of the firefighting water supply; ITP.


The work was conducted on all 6 sections, from 9 to 20 floors.

Used materials:

  • plastic pipes in the floor
  • risers of steel pipes (heating water pipelines, fire -fighting water pipelines)
  • sewer standpipes from silent REHAU pipes
  • cast-iron sewage pipes in the basement
  • Ducts of general exchange natural ventilation made of galvanized steel
  • Ducts of fire-prevention ventilation - welded, carbonized steel
  • Fire protection coating of air ducts

Scope of work:

  • Metal-plastic heating pipes - 14 ths.m.
  • heating pipelines risers - 2.5 thousand m
  • Water pipeline risers - 5.8 thousand m
  • metalloplastic water pipelines - 6,6 thou. meters
  • cast-iron sewerage pipelines - 0,45 th. m
  • heating devices - 1,03 thous.pcs.

Capacity of the IHP: 3,4 Gcal/h